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Play Up Athletics is an athletic consulting business focused on helping student athletes reach their goal of playing college sports. We believe a sound mental foundation, balanced with character and competence is the most important factor for successful student athletes. We also believe that a successful recruiting process will be the foundation for a successful college career and lessen the chance of an athlete returning home. The main reason for that is that our strategy does not simply deal with the process of recruiting, but rather the preparation of the athlete for the next step in their lives, through a holistic approach. We have found that characteristics such as attitude, aspirations, work ethic that are established in high school, will directly affect the experience in college and in life well after college!

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Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of college athletic recruiting. Our unparalleled advice, backed by experience and expertise, and the use of cutting edge techniques and services, sets us apart from all other recruiting resources and services. We think a college recruiting strategy should be a sensible, straight forward, easy to follow and affordable system that will give insight into how the recruiting process actually works and help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes often made.

At Play Up Athletics, outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer advice and support for every step in the recruiting process and beyond, including scholarship and financial aid information. Our coaches have helped clients into college programs at all levels, from junior college to NCAA Division I.

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